family and wills

Divorce and separation can be one of the most stressful periods in a client’s life.

Our emphatic and sensitive approach ensures that our clients suffer from minimum distress.  From the outset and throughout we will give you our complete attention and respond quickly to your needs.

We aim to take a conciliatory approach towards relationship breakdown in order to try and reach a swift and amicable solution.

Divorce procedure

We endeavour to ensure that we use our experience and knowledge in obtaining the best results for you whilst making the procedure as simply and swiftly as possible.

We are able to provide a Fixed Fee for a straightforward undefended divorce.

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Financial Settlement

Our negotiation skills and approach will aim to protect your financial well being and ensure that you retain sufficient assets for your future.  If you are unable to reach an agreement and the matter pursues through court we work closely together with specialist family barristers who adopt the same ethos in ensuring that they pursue the matter as firmly as possible whilst maintaining minimum of distress.

In addition to the above, we are also able to advise and draft the following:-

  • Pre-Marital Agreements (PMA’s)

Although not valid in England and Wales, more and more clients, legal advisors and courts are recognising the value and intentions of the agreement. PMA’s, apart from giving financial security can help smooth separation and divorce and reduces the stress involved.

  • Co-Habitation agreements

We are able to help people protect their assets whilst living together.

  • Separation Agreements


Everyone over the age of 18 should make a will. Without one can significantly affect that will happen to a deceased property.

A will is declaration as to the intentions of the person making the will.

At Bonningtons Solicitors we will assist you in the drafting of your will.

We provide a Fixed Fee for drafting a simple will.

Probate and administration of Estate

When someone dies depending on whether they have made a will, an executor or next of kin will need to deal with the deceased property.

This can be a stressful time.  Bonningtons Solicitors can take over and assist and represent you in dealing with the deceased’s property and assist in the delivery of the accounts to HM Customs and Revenue.

We will advise you promptly and efficiently and keep you advised throughout.

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