landlord & tenant & licensing

As property specialists we are able to advise you on any area of the law including the following:-

  • Possession proceedings
  • Rent arrears
  • Preparation of and breaches of tenancy or lease agreements
  • Mortgage re-possession
  • Property litigation
  • Forfeiture


We are also able to provide specialist advice on

  • transferring of a lease
  • business tenancies
  • disputes

Property disputes can adopt a litigious approach however, we appreciate that this is often seen as a last resort and we will work hard with our client to work out other avenues.

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Licensing laws took a dramatic overhaul with "the new Licensing Act 2003".

Many clients have recently set up new business or intend to do so, they will require professional advice on the license to obtain, the application process and what to do.

Having a wealth of experience in the application process we are able to provide our clients with the up to date process. We work with our own client during the initial application and can advise and assist in the completion of the process.
We also deal with the revocation of licences in circumstances and pursue a re-instatement of their licence.

If you wish to discuss any licensing issue or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.