civil & commercial litigation & immigration

We offer expert advice in a variety of issues including contractual disputes, debt recovery, and property disputes.

We do not shy away from taking a firm approach with the other party to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible outcome.

Litigation can be both stressful and costly. Our approach ensures that you are advised of your rights in action and indicate the likelihood of the success of your claim to ensure that your costs are minimised.

Litigation can often be a lengthy process often ending up in court; however we will endeavour to advise and explore the possibility of settling disputes at the first available opportunity.

At any court proceedings we use specialist barristers working closely with them to ensure they vigorously pursue or defend a claim in our client’s best interest.

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Bonningtons Solicitors are able to provide specialist key advice on immigration. With extensive and specialist knowledge of the Immigration Rules and policies and with an excellent success rate we are able to assist in the following:

  • Appeals (entry clearance, indefinite leave to remain)
  • Applications (indefinite leave to remain, extensions, students)

Commercial Immigration Tier 1/Tiier 2 Categories

Immigration laws in the past few months have taken a dramatic overhaul of the former work permit scheme.

From June 2008, Tier 1 came into full force.

Under Tier 2 employers are faced with huge responsibilities, non-compliance of which can be met with criminal sanctions.

Bonningtons Solicitors are able to advise substantively on this issue and assist with their applications as sponsors.

We are able to provide fixed fees for some immigration and applications.

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